The website is here to serve the member churches of the BRN.  Here are few editorial guidelines.

  1.  News stories that originate from a local region or association will be posted in that local region’s section (category) of the website, assuming the article does not violate any other editorial policies.  If the message is time-sensitive, it may also be posted in the ‘quick announcements’ section for up to a week, at the discretion of the editors.
  2. New stories that originate from a BRN staff member will be posted in the member’s team category, in one of the main ‘discover, develop, deploy’ categories, and potentially in a regional category if the content of the article refers to churches in a particular region.
  3. If there is a BRN staff member with supervisory authority over a particular region, team, or ministry focus area, that member will have editorial discretion over content in that area.
  4. The editors reserve the right to edit articles for grammar or clarity.
  5. Only articles that originate from the BRN staff will be cross-posted on the official BRN social media channels, except at the discretion of the editors.  We can arrange for cross-posting to local association social media accounts for non-staff articles.
  6. The editors reserve the right to include any submitted articles in a weekly e-mail to the BRN member churches.
  7. Submitting an articles does not guarantee that it will be included on or in the weekly e-mail.  The editors will inform the submitter if an article will not be broadly distributed.
  8. “Featured Articles” are chosen at the discretion of the editors.