PITTSBURGH – Last year, The Well Church was able to make a special offer to their community in Mount Washington.  “We’ll bring 40 teenagers and clean up that area of town where nobody else wants to volunteer.”   When Pastor Adam Sewell made that offer, he was trying to engage his community in a practical way through servant-hearted neighborliness.

Adam didn’t have 40 teenagers in his church, however.

Thanks to a partnership with a missions team from Georgia, Adam was able to make that offer and serve Mount Washington in the name of his local church and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Partnerships can give us additional short-term capacity to make strategic advances in community engagement.

This summer, we have a team coming to Pittsburgh from the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.  Approximately 125-150 people are available to our region to minister through practical acts of service, and particularly through music ministry.  This group is comprised of a highly skilled mass choir, orchestra, worship team, and handbell choir.

Subsets of this group (or the whole group!) are available to our churches to help us with community engagement throughout the weekend of June 23-25th.  Imagine some of the possibilities:

  • Maybe you’d like to offer cleaning services to a local senior community during the day and host a concert picnic in the evening.
  • Maybe you’d like to do a youth rally and invite part of their team to lead worship.
  • Maybe you’d like to work with the homeless all day and then put on a party in the evening and use the choir to bless the crowd.
  • Maybe your church choir would like to be strengthened on Sunday morning with the addition of some of these students.
  • Maybe your local YMCA or park could use a local clean-up day.

The team will be available to us all day Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday.  They will minister in the name of your local church and supplement your local outreach.

Would you pray right now about possibly of using this team to increase your capacity to serve your neighborhood in June?

If you would like to talk about specific possibilities, reach out to our Community Engagement Coordinator, Mark Sentell, at or 724-991-5911.