PITTSBURGH – The Baptist Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania is proud to announce the hiring of Rev. Mark Sentell as the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC) for the southwestern region of the Baptist Resource Network.  The CEC will proactively engage communities, church planters, and pastors in the Association to evaluate and facilitate partnerships in community engagement.  All Association churches are encouraged to reach out to Mark when they need help connecting to financial or other resources from the Association, the BRN, or the SBC, particularly in regards to community engagement.  “As a local Association pastor, I value partnerships tremendously.  The BRN guys, like Cliff, David, and Kim, and our great leadership team in the southwest have set a vision for community engagement that is really compelling.  I look forward to serving our Association alongside each of them,” says Pastor Sentell.   He can be reached at or 724-991-5911.