TO ALL BRN Central Region Churches: CBU Student Singing Group HOPE will be here June 27 & 28 and needs housing, meals and places to perform.

The California Baptist University School of Music has a group of 9 students traveling the country, performing a variety of concerts and music ministries. They need a church to host them June 27 & 28 while they’re in our area this summer. This can be for a concert or just to provide meals and housing overnight. If your church is interested, please contact Rachel Ligtenberg directly at   or call 951.343.4949 this month. Please see the details about this below.

Pastor Richard Krieg of Red Land Baptist hosted them last year. I heard them myself there as well and they were very talented musicians who glorified the Lord in their music.

Thank you for considering helping,


Details from the group:

These university students will be sharing their music ministry with congregations and youth camps as they travel to the East Coast and back. Their goal is to bring glory to God through their music and to reach out to the youth during their travels.  At this time, we hope to be in your area Monday, June 27th and Tuesday, June 28th in the evenings.

HOPE will include eight singers as well as a piano playerThey have their own microphones, sound system and keyboard if a piano is not available to them (which means they are flexible to sing at different venues – indoor or outdoor – so you can get creative, ie. graduation celebration, potluck, ice cream social, youth event, community outreach, etc.).  Their repertoire consists of a variety of anthems, spirituals, hymns, and classic contemporary music both a cappella and accompanied. We will accommodate the service line up that you request. The group is prepared to provide music for an entire concert/service or just part of a service, anything from 25 to 60+ minutes, depending on what you request.

We have been very blessed to be able to travel to many churches throughout the years, and we are very thankful for their support of our ministry. These trips would not be possible without their hospitality. As a host church, we do ask that you provide us with a few things…

We ask for you to provide:

  • a hot meal on the concert night
  • host homes overnight for the students (in groups of 2+) that will provide them breakfast the following morning
  • lunch/lunch fund the following day 
  • a love offering or honorarium (no set minimum, just trying to off-set our costs)
  • a table for displaying University materials and recording sales

I want to share with you that we have experienced wonderful growth both in the quality of our music program and in the number of students participating in the School of Music. Dr. Judd Bonner is Dean of the School of Music, carrying on his father’s musical philosophy and legacy.  He believes in pursuing excellence in all we do and I am confident that you will enjoy having us participate in your ministry. Inaddition to their music ministry, if you have any high school students interested in participating in music as a degree or while pursuing another of CBU’s many academic options, the group leader is authorized to audition them for scholarship opportunities.

Please visit our website to learn more about our programs ( , or our YouTube channel for a sampling of our music ( The featured group on our YouTube channel is the University Choir and Orchestra, the premiere group in our program. Most of the students from HOPE perform in this group during the regular school year, so you can expect that same energy and worshipfulness in small group HOPE.

Rachel Ligtenberg
Performance Coordinator—School of Music
California Baptist University

Phone: 951.343.4949
Fax: 951.343.4570