God Is Faithful


Last summer our staff was praying that this year God would help us reach a core of students who weren’t looking for us. On a campus where we have 44,000+ students who aren’t looking for ANY campus fellowship, we have a pretty large ocean to fish in! While we were praying…  God was at work. Kayla Smith, pictured at the top, was one of those students God was preparing. Her story is pretty amazing from how she initially was drawn to Christ, and how God used You Tube, a short-term missionary in Burkina Faso who is now a New Orleans Baptist Seminary student, the truth of His Word, and a 30 Second Survey to bring Kayla to Christ and to us! We’re looking to put her story with her friend, Autumn on video in the near future… stay tuned. 

Jordan was another of those students who trusted Christ over the summer and connected to us through a contact with his pastor. He has been rock-solid in his new relationship with Christ, and is another of those students who will be taking on more leadership with us next fall. Mike, another pastor friend in VA gave me the name of an incoming freshman last Spring named Daniel, I think Daniel has even surprised himself at how involved he has become with us this year. He has been faithful in not just showing up, but stepping up and growing, inviting and sharing life with friends. Kelcey is the latest of students who showed up when her neighbor, Tyler, invited her out to Iron Chef recently. She is now on board for our upcoming mission trip to Detroit in May, AND invited her roommate, who is also not a Christian, to join us!  It is a joy to watch how this bunch is catching the vision and enjoying what God is doing in their midst. This semester we have been digging into our Heart Attitudes in all of our Community Groups and it is showing.    

This week we are in the midst of our United In Christ Week on campus and like last year, we are conducting a questionnaire to engage students around Easter. This year, it is sort of a look back at Easter to find out how the turning point of Christianity (and history) is remembered by our students. The hope is that we will have the opportunity to share the real meaning of Easter, the Gospel, with as many students as possible. We are shooting to conduct 3000 questionnaires this time around. Last year we had a nearly 50% response wanting to hear the Easter story. So far this week, we are on pace for a similar response! We already have had several students engaging their friends (and strangers too) with two more days to go. We believe that there are more Kayla’s and Jordan’s out there, so please join us in praying for divine appointments as we move toward the end of the semester. I am also confident that this will set the pattern for next fall as we see how open students are to hearing the Gospel truth.  

We are so grateful for all that God is doing here, and for all the ways you continue to make a difference through your prayers and giving. Even though the task is enormous, little by little, Christ’s light grows a little stronger. We’ll have a team returning to Honduras in May, and another team that will be heading to Detroit to help with Disaster Relief there in May. So more opportunities for transformation are still ahead! 

Your partners, 

Johnny & Kathy