A warm welcome goes out to Larry Theisen and the member churches of the Keystone Baptist Association in BRN’s central region.  They are now using the new brnonline.org as the home of their local association’s website.  You can visit their homepage at http://brnunited.org/keystone-baptist-association/ or continue to visit www.keystonebaptist.net.  The partnership between the local Keystone Baptist Association and state BRN can only help support the work of the local church leaders.  By bringing Keystone’s online presence into the brnonline.org website, the local Keystone pastors will get greater visibility into the articles and stories that can equip and encourage them in their Gospel work.  Furthermore, brnonline.org will be able to highlight news and events from the Keystone Baptist Association that can encourage sister churches across the BRN.

“Larry and I have a great deal of mutual respect through a friendship that goes back for years, and I’m delighted that the broader BRN can help promote the work of the Keystone Association churches through the BRN website,” says Stan Smith, former Interim Executive Director of the BRN.  “I love that we have a place to tell our stories in addition to our Facebook page,” adds Larry Theisen, DOM of the Keystone Association.

Keystone is one of eight local associations that are part of the BRN.  They maintain a local staff, and most of their member churches also contribute to the Cooperative Program through the BRN.